Our Fees | Strata Solutions Geelong

Management Fee

Our Management Fees are fixed and include:

  • all disbursements (postage, email, telephone and stationary charges)
  • ordering of keys, fobs and remotes (cost charged to owner)
  • site visits
  • meetings (including out of hours)
  • review and preparation of budgets
  • financial & administrative functions
  • insurance and insurance claims
  • maintenance
  • ESM

Legislative & Compliance Fee

The Legislative & Compliance fee is a small one off cost to setup up your Owners Corporation and includes:

  • banking and tax requirements
  • Common Seal
  • Owners Corporation plaque (supply and install)
  • Titles Office registration
  • Inaugural General Meeting
  • site inspection
  • insurance and valuation review

Strata Solutions Geelong Pty Ltd encourages prospective clients to look over all Management Proposals carefully to avoid on-going and/or hidden charges, we welcome any questions you may have relating to the Management of your Owners Corporation.